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  • Microsoft Office 365 Suite
  • Apple Mac Technology
  • Computers & Printer AMC
  • Web Design and Development
  • Open Source Solution Provider
  • Special Domains
  • DIY Web Builder/Hosting
  • Hardware and Software Firewall Solution
  • Disaster Management & Backup Process
  • Consulting Services
  • Web Secutity
  • On-Premise Linux Email Solutions
  • Servers Deployments
  • Security Soltions
  • IT Infrastructure Management

Best Hosting Service for You

The Argon Company providing a full range of high quality, cost-effective information technology solutions to businesses

Domain Registration

Determines your brand, Protect copyrights and trademarks, build creditability, increase brand awareness and search engine positioning.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is basically the space that you buy on a web server to store your website files. When you buy website hosting you basically rent server space on a server where your web files will be placed. Websites promote you 24/7 & No employee will do that

Computer AMC Services

AMC (Service Within 7 Hours) No one can understand the value of time as much as you. Each time your PC or internal network fails, you lose precious man-hours, valuable client's goodwill and loss of business. so what do you do? Relax..... help is just a click away

Servers Deployment

Servers are the key component to any business network. When installed and maintained properly, servers are the backbone of all organizations and are critical to staying in business and staying profitable.

Business Email Solutions

Business email services provide a professional image to your business. Once your customers know that you have a good reputation in the industry they will be at ease to do business with you, as they would be aware that they are dealing with professionals.

Security For Business

Every business should consider the importance of its security. Often, small businesses do not include this in the immediate 'to-do list' because they might believe they aren't targets, since they are only a small operation. This type of thinking is dangerous, and should be avoided.

About Us

We're all working together; that's the secret.

Our Company

The Argon Company is a service-oriented, customer-centric company founded in 2001. We are a multi-disciplintary group consisting of software developers, IT engineers, network specialists, customer support representatives, sales & marketing personnel and finance & operations staff.

Working with our team is more than a job – it's a way of life. We enjoy what we do as well as who we are, and encourage professional and personal goals beyond just technical and academic capabilities. Tell us a little bit about yourself, and we'll let you know if The Argon Company is a good fit for you!

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“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” --MAHATMA GANDHI

Learn Website Making, It's Cheaper & Easier than you think.

Learn Website Making @ Argon Learning Centre

It's Cheaper & Easier than you think!

Time Durations
  • one Sunday (10:00 AM - 05:00 PM)
  • Fees: Rs.6500/-
  • 10 - 15 members / batch
  • Teaching on Live Website
  • Design and maintain websites.
  • Set up your blog pages. Upload pictures & videos.
  • Capture leads for email campaigns.
  • Backup to cloud.
  • One to One Skype Support

  • No technical background needed
  • Just regular computer skills
  • Interest in Learning
  • Laptop with Browsers: Firefox & Google Chrome

Conducted by Rishi Gangoly, Ex Apple, The World's #1 Website Coach

Here is what our students say about the course ...

Everyone needs a Website.

Business Corporate Employees Professionals Students
Need it to boost profits Need it for personal branding Need it to expand their reach Need it for a better career


  • The easiest & best tools to make your website and blog
  • Show Websites and Blogs created by people with NO TECH Background
  • Get a fantastic look and feel
  • Have fabulous images on your website
  • Plugins for Social Media, E-Commerece, Testimonials & YouTube Integration
  • Making Money by Blogging
  • Get critical visitor data from Google
  • Talk to your customers LIVE
  • Accept Credit & Debit Card as a mode of payment for FREE

Learn Linux Administration @ Argon Learning Centre

LINUX Talent in high demandExperts from the 2010 LINUX job reports 81% of the Recruiters say hiring linux talent is a priority.

Achieve Your career goal in administration of world's most secure,Fast & Robust Operating Systems,
Which runs in 90% of Supercomputers across the Globe.

Time Durations
  • 6 Saturdays (10:00 AM - 05:00 PM)
  • Fees: Rs.20,000/-
  • 10 members / batch
  • Practicals with Live Servers
Linux Course Details
  • Part A - Local Linux Services
  • Part B - Linux Network Services
  • Part C - Networking & Security With Linux
  • Other features in Linux
Who Can Join this course

  • IT Professionals, Network Admin,
  • IT Developers
  • Software Engineers Professional
  • Those who engaged in technical stream.

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Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

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